The order guides for the 2024 Ford Maverick that spell out in detail exactly what are the changes and updates for the new model year as well as what equipment will and will not be available is now published, just ahead of the opening of order banks next week on July 17th.

So lets rip of the band-aid on what’s new and what isn’t. There really isn’t anything at all new for 2024 in terms of styling and specifications. The exterior design is exactly the same with exception of some paint color changes, the interior design and color schemes are exactly the same.

Also exactly the same are its two available engines. What did change there for 2024 though is that the 2.0-liter EcoBoost is now the standard engine and still available in either FWD or AWD. The 2.5-liter hybrid engine though is now and extra cost option at a premium of $1,500 – still only available in FWD.

As to trim levels familiar XL, XLT and Lariat grades return for 2024. The various option packages are mostly the same as 2023 models but there are a lot of little changes like deleted options, deleted equipment and what is now standard here and there we need to talk about.

First lets start with the various little things they have taken away for 2024. We call this de-contenting.

On all trim grades, the 4GLTE Wifi Hot Spot that was standard in 2022 and was on a temporary “maybe it will come back when chip supply gets better” hold for 2023 is now permanently gone. If you liked the little Secure A Code keypad to open the doors on XLT and Lariat, it’s also a thing of the past – deleted. There are no more body color mirror caps on XLT or Lariat either standard or part of the Luxury Package. The upgraded mirror will now only be painted gloss black instead of molded black.

Lastly, they got rid of the AWD badge on the tailgate if you step up and get the FX4 package. I guess they felt the world would know you have it with the giant FX4 graphic on the bed sides. Cost savings!

Stand alone options have been axed as well starting with the manual sliding rear window for XL and XLT. If you want an opening window now, you need to get the Lariat which will come with a power opening one as standard equipment. The windshield wiper de-icer is also iced for good.

So now to the packaging changes.

If you get the XLT you can still option the Luxury Package which features among other things a hard drop-in style bedliner. If you want the Black Appearance Package now you will also have to get the Luxury Package first. Double profit bonus!

The Lariat now comes fully loaded with the Luxury Package and the full boat of Co-Pilot360 driver assistance packages. Additionally, a spray-in bed-liner and wireless phone charger are now included. Another change on Lariat is that mirror caps are now painted black instead of body color. Black Apearance Package can be added because you already got the Luxury Package whether you wanted it or not.

FX4, 4KTow and Tremor Packages all come along for 2024.

The Maverick Tremor will now include standard parts of the old Off-Road Plus Appearance Package from 2023. That would be the hood and door graphics which you can choose to delete of you don’t want them. The appearance package itself is gone for 2024 as is the two-tone paint scheme that was a part of it.

When it comes to paint colors, 2024 will see the removal of colors Area 51, Alto Blue, and Cyber Orange. Also gone is Avalanche Gray which was only available on the Tremor. New colors will include Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat which will be an extra cost color and a new shade of tan called Terrain.

Atlas Blue, Shadow Black, Oxford White, Hot Pepper Red, and Cactus Gray will continue to be available for 2024. Iconic Silver and Carbonized Gray will also continue for 2024 but for base XL models will be for fleet customers only.

One little thing I noticed in the color availability chart is that it shows Hot Pepper Red available on the XL. It is indeed an extra cost color but with all the deleted colors would be an interesting add for the XL. I am not sure whether this is a mistake or not, we will know more if it shows up on the Ford website when the Build and Price goes live next week.

If you had not heard yet, prices have gone up even though a few little things have disappeared. The XL gets an $805 bump to $23,400 and the XLT up $1,460 to $26,315. Lariat gets the largest price increase of $4,280 because of all of its now standard packages and equipment, with a base price now $34,855. The Lariat Hybrid costs slightly less because if does not have the extra cost of standard AWD, now $34,135. Be sure to add $1,595 for destination and delivery on the prices I just rattled off and $1,500 for the hybrid engine on XL and XLT

Now, order banks open on July 17th. Like I said last week on our Ordering and Changes video, NOW is the time to get with your dealership and get things in order. Not on the 17th, not after the 17th, NOW. Don’t wait or you will miss out as the 2024 model year is expected to sell out within a week just like it did last year.

For those who ordered a 2023 model and are still waiting for a build date to be scheduled, you should have received an email from Ford Motor Company with instructions as to how to proceed to get that switched over to a 2024 model. If you didn’t hear from Ford or your dealership about that yet, you need to take action get on the horn. It’s not automatic.

Production for the 2024 Ford Maverick begins in October and we’re told will run for 13 months.