The latest American brand to shift production of a mainstream model to China is Lincoln with the all-new 2024 Nautilus mid-size luxury SUV. It arrives early next year replacing the current model built in North America.

The Lincoln Nautilus had always been shared with the Ford Edge SUV and because Ford has canceled that model for 2024 here in the States, it made sense to send showrooms a re-badged version of the Chinese market Ford Edge instead.

Styling carries the latest iteration of Lincoln’s design themes which include sharper lines and surfaces and details a bit more original, not like the pasted on Bentley look we’ve seen for the past near decade. Wheel sizes will start with standard 19-inch alloys and range up to 22-inches on top models.

LED lighting is standard fare all around including available H2 Pixel Headlamps. The taillights at the rear feature an entertaining animation and at the front a LED signature bar with illuminated Lincoln logo.

Still a two-row five passenger model, it grows slightly in size with a more streamlined and less bulky silhouette. It’s up to 114-inches in wheelbase and 193-inches in length, some three inches longer than the current generation.

The interior likely brings most of the surprises with this new design, featuring a dazzling full width digital display that can be customized. Called Lincoln Embrace, the screen lights up and welcomes you when you get behind the wheel in Las Vegas style. A center touchscreen is located closer to the driver to use as an interface.

Details impress like a flat top steering wheel which is more of a squircle than a circle – mostly so you can see over it into the digital wall. Switch gear speaks the luxury language with upgraded details like crystal knobs and piano key shift selector.

There is also a set of functionalities called Lincoln Rejuvenate which give you a visual and auditory experience when parked to chill you out. You can also upgrade the experience with digital scents for the cabin which tie into the curated themes. Fun.

When actually driving, the Lincoln Nautilus will be available with the latest generation of BlueCruise semi autonomous driving features as well as a host of passive and aggressive driver assistance systems.

Powering the new Lincoln Nautilus will be two engine teams, the first is the venerable 2.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder engine with 250 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque which comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is standard.

The big news is a new turbocharged hybrid which utilizes the 2.0-liter turbocharged four along with an electrified hybrid transmission similar to what is offered in other Ford hybrid models. It offers up 310 horsepower and will be the top engine option with all-wheel drive standard.

A fully independent suspension features adaptive dampers that can give you everything from the traditional Lincoln waterbed ride to something a bit more modern and sporty via the various drive modes.

The all-new Lincoln Nautilus built at the Changan Hangzhou Assembly Plant will arrive state side early in 2024. Pricing starts at about $50,000 for the base Reserve model and ranges up to $75,000 for a Black Label. Add options into the mix and you can opt out at about $80,000. Order banks are open now.