In green car news, Toyota has revealed the exterior design and Japan domestic market pricing for their first mass-production hydrogen fuel cell car.

Coming to the United States in the summer of 2015, the fuel-cell sedan will cost 7 million yen which translates to about $69,000. Though expect when it arrives here to cost a bit more.

When it arrives sales will be limited to regions where hydrogen refueling stations actually exist. That means basically Southern California and perhaps around the Detroit metro area.

The vehicle converts hydrogen to electricity through a proprietary fuel cell, driving the wheels through an electric motor. Thus driving is much like that of any other electric car.

With a full tank of hydrogen, the fuel-cell vehicle has a range of about 435 miles. The system emits only water vapor as an exhaust making it a true zero-emissions vehicle.

Toyota believes hydrogen fueled vehicles have a good deal of potential in the years ahead, making an ideal environmentally friendly option.

Now if we can only see more hydrogen fueling stations around America, this idea might actually take off.