The Dodge Journey might be considered bland, and stodgy, maybe even dowdy. It certainly doesn’t have the newest styling or the latest features like a panoramic sunroof or a 360-degree camera system. But what it does have is a lot of versatile features that actually do something.

First up is the front seat storage bin. You flip up the seat cushion on the passenger side and voila, you’ve got a great place for things a box of Kleenex, a first aid kit, or maybe even a concealed hand gun.

Second up, that front passenger seat also has a back which folds down flat. This is cool because you can use it as a desk from the driver seat, an ottoman from the second-row, or extend the cargo floor area when the other seats are all folded down.

The third cool feature is a rear door that swings open nearly 90-degrees. I knew this was cool the moment I discovered it, but I bought some big stuff and actually made it easier getting it into the back seat. Everyone should offer this.

Fourth on the list are some in-floor storage bins between the first and second rows. They have removable water tight liners so they can be used as ice coolers, and they’re large enough for a pair of shoes.

Fifth up is the second-row seats that have a slide and tilt function for third-row access on both sides. Is this a big deal? Well yeah it is when it’s on both sides because a lot of vehicles only do this on one. It makes it easy getting in and out no matter how you’re parked.

And while we’re on the second-row, the sixth cool feature is an available integrated child booster seat. And there’s not just one, but two of them here which for their price of $250 is pretty cool.

Seventh is the reclining seat backs for the second-row. A lot of vehicles have this now so it’s not as special as it once was, but worth noting as not everyone has it. And eight on the list is the reclining seat backs for the third row. Again, not reinventing the wheel, but a nice touch.

Moving out back, number nine is yet another small storage compartment in the floor behind the third-row seat that can easily be accessed with the third row up or down. Again it’s perfect for whatever you might want to hide away, perhaps even a rifle might fit.

Number ten is actually a good save more than anything. When you start up the Journey when its cold outside, its touch-screen control center serves up the heated seat and steering wheel controls first before anything else so you can get to them right away.

Why is it a good save? Because as always a few real buttons on the dash are always better than virtual ones buried in a menu somewhere when you want something now.