If you like the Jaguar F-TYPE, you’re gonna be pretty excited about a new ultra-high performance version they’ve just introduced from their SVO skunk works. It’s a cat that jumps just a bit higher.

If you’ve ever driven one or heard one blast by you, already know the Jaguar F-Type is one angry cat. But the new F-TYPE SVR developed by the company’s Special Vehicle Operations is out to kill you and everything in its path.

Starting with the top-level supercharged 5.0 liter V8, they’ve upped the horsepower to 575. Torque is up to 516 pound feet. Transmission is a re-calibrated ZF 8-speed auto. This means now a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph in the coupe, just slightly less in the convertible.

According to Jaguar, this makes it the fastest series production car they’ve ever produced. Note the term “series production car”, because the XJ220 super car in the 1990’s was faster but that was a bit of a hand built flourish they consider under the table.

None the less, the F-TYPE SVR is the first Jaguar to wear the SVR badge. And so making it special are many things more than just its power. It’s lighter, up to 100 pounds lighter with the optional carbon ceramic brakes and carbon fiber body packages.

It has a lot of unique body parts for both the coupe and the convertible, starting with a front fascia more aerodynamic, and wider to pass air around its fatter front paws. Larger openings feed air to larger inter-cooler radiators.

There’s paneling under the car for a flat floor, and vents to manage air out the rear. On the tail is a carbon fiber active rear spoiler that can adjust at different speeds to be helpful when its needed but not a hindrance when it isn’t – kind of like a cat’s tail right?

Wheels are larger, here at 20-inches with a selection of forged styles to choose. They’re staggered of course with a 265 section at the front and 30 at the rear, rubber provided by Pirelli in their P Zeros. These are wide, but not all that crazy wide actually.

The suspension gets several tweaks to handling the extra speed, starting with a re-tune of its dampers, thicker anti-roll bars and some unique parts and pieces to increase strength and lighten the weight on its feet.

It’s sound is a bit raspier courtesy of a titanium exhaust system with active values that open and close depending on your driving behavior. Jaguar says it has a harder-edged growl, as an angry cat should. Sounds expensive because it surely is.

Sitting behind the wheel, it will also feel expensive with a unique interior treatment of quilted leather, seude covered dash, and special SVR 14-way adjustable sport seats. An SVR steering wheel with anodized aluminum paddle shifters is there too.

Rowr! The 2017 Jaguar F-TYPE SVR arrives late this summer and will be priced from $125,950 for the Coupe and $128,800 for the Convertible. Anger management therapy has never been cheap.