One of the most anticipated reveals in the world of electric cars this year is the Tesla Model 3, a new mainstream priced sedan that will compete with the biggest players in the compact segment.

The new Tesla Model 3 was unveiled to a huge crowd of owners and enthusiasts. The all-new compact electric sedan brings a class topping range of 215 miles and will be priced starting at $35,000. Better still, Tesla says it will accelerate at minimum from 0-60 in under six seconds.

The Model 3 looks very much akin to the larger Model S sedan, just scaled down somewhat. It does however bring some new styling elements to the table like the pug nosed face we’ve seen on the Model X crossover as well as a more angular headlamp design.

It has the same premium sense of elegance the brand has become known for, blending silhouettes of high-end luxury cars, concept car proportions, and a simplicity in details. The Model 3 will be a four-door sedan format with a storage trunk both front and rear.

Making the Tesla Model 3 still unique in the mainstream EV class is its architecture which is for all intents, a scaled down version of the Model S. A large lithum-ion battery resides flat beneath the floor, with electric motor drive units located at the front and rear axles.

Base models Tesla says will accelerate from 0-60 in less than six seconds, and like the larger Model S there will be versions of it with all-wheel drive high-performance motors much faster – likely mind blowing fast.

The interior takes Tesla’s minimalism one step further with a sweeping and simple dash design who’s major feature is a large touchscreen interface. Space for five passengers is provided easily in its compact package, which is open and light with a one piece glass roof.

Owners will have standard access to the Tesla Supercharger system just as the with larger and more expensive Model S and Model X. These are over 3,600 public charging locations around the globe, for a complete charge, free of charge.

While specifications haven’t yet been released, it base-level lithium-ion battery will be manufactured at the new Tesla Giga Factory just outside of Reno, Nevada. The Giga-Factory is the largest factory of its kind in the world, and will enable mass production scale that makes the Model 3’s price possible.

Safety Tesla says will be top of class, expected to earn five-stars in government tests and Top Safety Pick+ in IIHS testing as it will come standard Tesla’s Autopilot system that has many of the driving-assistance and crash prevention features they require.

The Tesla Model 3 has already been opened for reservations of which some 180,000 were already spoken for in the first 24 hours. Elon Musk said at the reveal that he was “fairly confident” the Model 3 would go on sale in late 2017, we’d say likely as a 2018 model.

You can reserve yours right now at the Tesla website and you can be fairly confident you will get it late next year or some other time down the road. That sound’s flippant, but in fairness Tesla has a track record of delivering, and exceeding expectations.