The 2017 RAM 2500 will offer a new off-road package comparable to the FX4 and Z71’s of the world, beefing up the ride and handling off pavement, for the occasional off-roader who might not want to go all the way with the top-end Power Wagon.

A more value priced option, the entire line of RAM 2500 HD pickup trucks from the entry-level Tradesman all the way to the top level will now offer the new 4×4 Off-Road Package that includes both mechanical and suspension upgrades in addition to the expected visuals.

In looking at the truck from curb side, the first thing you’ll notice are larger flared trims around the wheel openings. These will be either black plastic or body color depending on the trim grade of truck. Also included is the all-important 4×4 Off-Road graphic on the rear bedside.

It’s what’s gonna make your drive better off-road that matters though, and that starts with an off-road tune to an upgraded set of Bilstein monotube shocks. They’ll give a better ride off-road along with the truck’s fully coil sprung suspension front and rear.

Tires are upgraded as well with all-terrain Firestone LT 275/70Rs on wither 18-inch alloy or steel wheels – again depending on your chosen trim grade. Keeping their traction ahead of the slip and slide is also included an anti-spin rear differential that locks under hard torque.

A skid plate is added for the transfer case as is the hill-decent control system found in the more off-road equipped Power Wagon. With buttons on the column shifter you can automatically control your downhill speed on muddy or loose soil.

While our pictures from RAM show a 6.4 liter Mega Cab SLT, the 4×4 Off-Road Package can be had on Crew Cab as well, on short and long-wheelbase variants and with both gasoline and Cummins diesel engines. The Regular Cab is not yet available with the package.

The new Ram 2500 4×4 Off-Road Package is clearly not as robust a choice as the Power Wagon that comes with a completely different suspension, disconnecting sway bar and the ultimate in off-road locking toys, but it is one step up from the norm and comparable with the Z71 and FX4 packages offered by both GM and Ford.

Exact pricing hasn’t yet been announced for the 2017 Ram 2500 4×4 Off-Road Package, but they will be arriving at dealerships any time now and within a month or so should be showing up on the RAM Trucks website.

We hope to bring a far more detailed review when we get a chance to test one this fall. Until then, subscribe for our new videos and alerts.