Nissan has really been showing some balls lately with their big bad truck concepts, the latest the NV Cargo X extreme off-road project.

Taking a bone stock NV 2500 HD Cargo van, Nissan and Ian Johnson of the television show Xtreme Off-Road have hand built a Cummins diesel powered off-road mega-van capable of tackling Arizona’s version of the Rubicon, the Pyeatt Draw Trail.

Normally a trail even experienced off-roaders would say is best left to well-built Jeeps and other custom-built extreme off-road vehicles, Pyeatt Draw was no match for the Nissan NV Cargo X.

To be shown at the Chicago Auto Show next week, the NV Cargo X has huge 37-inch tires mounted on bead-lock wheels. The front suspension was custom built on the Cargo X with a multi-link located solid axle.

Dampers and coil-over springs come by way of Prodigy with their 2 5/8-inch remote reservoir high-end pieces. A PSC full-hydraulic power steering system replaces the standard mechanical linkage and a custom drive-shaft allows for lots of movement.

The rear suspension retains the leaf spring design but with an all-in major custom built suspension lift it now sports an impressive 22-inches of ground clearance and enough suspension travel to make it articulate even the most evil of obstacles without breaking bad on your body work.

Powering the Cargo X is the very same 310 horsepower Cummins V8 turbo-diesel you’ll find under the hood of the Titan XD pickups. It also uses the same Aisin 6-speed automatic and transfer case of the same.

While Nissan has yet to say anything about Cummins power NV Cargo, this is the second time I have seen one. The first was when I toured the Cummins engine plant with Nissan where we were shuttled back and forth from the hotel in Cummins powered NV 2500 HD “test mules”.

Beyond mechanicals, the Cargo X got a full exterior makeover with a bank of LED lights and a massive 10,000 pound winch that can come in handy to pull other less masculine cargo vans out of the wash when they get stuck.

Since this concept was built to be an off-road support vehicle, the interior is equipped with and on-board air compressor, fluid storage and containment tanks, a recovery rope, recovery tracks, jack and portable welder among other things.

I think it’s pretty obvious the NV Cargo X will not be seen in a dealership anytime soon. What I think can be taken from this is the distinct possibility of a Cummins power NV 2500 HD and perhaps even a four-wheel drive option. They both seem like obvious fruit to pick in a market where cargo vans are changing rapidly.

The Nissan NV Cargo X will be on display at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show and we’ll bring you more on it in our full coverage from the show floor.