Custom stripe graphics harken back to a theme was saw on the the late 1970’s Ford Broncos, F-Series pickups, and a few other Fords of the era. If you were alive back then you’ll remember these things were very popular and shall we say ubiquitous on the roads at the time.

It’s back again here at the SEMA Show with a modern twist to gauge public reaction for maybe a special edition or a stripe package that could be added to the Ford Accessories catalog. I happen to think perhaps nostalgically that the color combination looks right at home on the Bronco Sport’s Carbonized Gray Metallic paint.

The stripe graphics make their way down the center of the hood in addition to the sides. To bring it all to the Bronco Sport, the Outer Banks 18-inch wheels were custom painted to key off the red in the stripe graphics, a nice touch.

The BRONCO Sport emblems were also drop-shaddowed in red and a slick Freewheeling logo graphic that might look cool on a T-Shirt appears on the rear glass.

It would not be a SEMA concept vehicle if it didn’t show off some of the Ford Accessories you can get at your local dealership.

Here we have installed a full Yakima suite of goodies including HD roof cross bars. Attached to them is a lot including a kayak rack and a donor kayak for display. Next to it is a healthy cargo rack and next to that Yakima awning system – all showing how easily you can spend a couple grand all in once place all too easily.

Other mods worth noting here include a set of well integrated fender flares by Air Design. Just above the front ones you can see a slightly customized pair of fender vents too. For additional lighting, a Ford Performance Parts Bronco Sport Roof Off-Road Light Bar Kit by RIGID is installed as well – a nice piece.