Like many long known brands, Buick will transform to an entirely electric brand in the next decade with their first all-new fully electric vehicle arriving for 2024. Following it will be several other new models to come which will all fall under the “Electra” naming convention – a nod to the brand’s history.

As part of the transformation and new brand identity, there’s a new logo that begins rolling out next year on the front of all Buick. The old circular logo is gone, replaced by a more floating modern tri-shield collection.

Leading us all into the brand’s new future is the Buick Wildcat EV concept which exists to show us the design language we can expect to see on all of these new all-electric Buicks to come. A long and low 2+2 coupe, it showcases a vocabulary of design details and forms which while futuristic draw on themes from the 1960s.

The front end of the Wildcat EV for instance we’re told will be the new face of Buick a forward leaning and bold set of forms reminiscent of the 1960s Buick Riveras. A trapezoidal grille with striking metalwork and Micro-LED thin-beam projector headlamps truly make an entrance.

From the side profile it shows confident and laid back, plenty long and planted in its stance. The roof line is classic fastback with the side glass extending rearward in a pronounced tapered stretch. At the rear three-quarter view are dramatic blade-style LED tail lamps wrapping into a rear leaning tail treatment.

The interior too brings some retro goodness in its design forms from the 1960s Rivera. Most notable are its wide sweeping dash and cantilevered center console treatment with long flowing lines. Generous use of metal trims and details give it a look we’re not used to in modern cars with all their black plastic.

A continuous slab of electronic goodness makes up the cockpit with a wide instrument panel and infotainment all-in-one. Details in the finishes and construction wow the senses to but don’t get lost in it too far, concept car interiors have been dazzling us like this for decades. It’s all about forecasting a flavor, not a dish.

Powering the Buick Wildcat EV concept would be electric motors either one at the rear axle for rear-wheel drive or one at each axle for all-wheel drive. It would ride on the same platform architecture with an Ultium battery pack under the floor as the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq.

And that’s the rub, don’t be looking for this car to show up at dealerships anytime soon or ever. Buick has a long long history of showing us sexy coupes that never materialize such as the Avista concept in 2016 most recently and the Velite roadster before that.

It is a concept car and nothing more. The purpose of the Wildcat EV concept is to showcase and forecast a design language to come for other Buick Electra models in the design studio right now.

And in that way, it’s promising. Buick has needed for a long time some new vitality and direction to keep it alive, Perhaps some cutting edge design and some new branding might just be the electricity it needs.