The 2023 Kia EV6 GT arrived to us in a bright racy shade of Runway Red and accented with a clash of neon lime colored brake calipers behind its 21-inch wheels. It might seem a bit much, but in context to its 567 horsepower we’re good with it.

The EV6 we tested last year was a hit in our office. It presented well done futurism in its design inside and out, commendable quality and a level of driving refinement besting many of the electric cars out there on the market today.

The GT brought all that and more. It has a few exterior tweaks but its upgrades are subtle much akin to how Audi or VW brings it. Inside are some great Vegan Suede sports seats, highly bolstered and grabbing you tight. Accents of lime flow throughout the cabin as do unique trims such as the striped vinyl wrap on the dash.

The steering wheel is the tell though with its bright neon lime GT button that unleashes all of its 567 horsepower and 546 pounds feet of torque while simultaneously bounding the hands of its traction control nannies. Woof.

It catapults you from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds says Kia, feels actually quicker to us. G-Force is as G-Force Does. Joy receptors fried out after having it for a week. Taking lots of orange juice and sugar cookies to recover.

Seriously, this thing has grave and immediate power that is delivered in a refined and controlled manner that impressed. You can let go of reality though and use Drife Mode which sends power only to the rear wheels for lots of donuts and smoke show antics.

The large 15-inch front and 14.2-inch rear disc brakes work in concert with its 255 40R 21 summer rubber to turn and stop this 4,795 pound slot car well. More important it’s continously adjustable damper suspension is always setting it right where it needs to be to keep it feeling agile while also quelling the bobbing bouncy ride many heavy EVs have. It feels sold, taut and refined at speed. It’s actually fun to throw into a corner and see what happens. Amazing.

If you want sound, you can dial up a number of electronically generated soundtracks for its propulsion system that rises and falls with your driving. It’s kind of adorable but after playing with it, we turned it off.

Luckily its Meridian sound system does this car justice. All set into a curved dual screen cockpit, the 12.3-inch infotainment system is fully featured with everything you could want in the way of connective content, excellent graphics and user experience, and it is very easy to learn.

Storage throughout is abundant from the bin under the console, to the door pockets and even under your arm inside the console. It’s SUV-like space. That continues at the rear where its rear seats fold near flat for a massive cargo space not expected in something that goes this fast. Joy joy joy again some more.

For $62,865 we were flat out impressed with not only the total package and performance of the car itself but its value. Try and buy a gasoline powered performance car with 500-600 horsepower for this price, with a 10-year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. We dare you.

We liked it yes, so much so it makes our I’d Buy It list for 2023. Carry on.