In a time when massive change in the automotive landscape is coming from every direction, Lamborghini introduces their first plug-in hybrid super-car, the LB744 Revuelto. Packing a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 and three electric motors it boasts over 1000 horsepower and all-wheel drive.

Arriving on the 60th anniversary of the marque the Revuelto is built upon a new monocoque platform built primarily from carbon-fiber and forged composites, with aluminum used for some body panels and the rear substructure.

Design brings a modern take to classic Lamborghini DNA of the classic Countach, Diablo and the more recent Murciélago. A shark-nose is book-ended with Y-shape LED signature lighting, deep side air inlets break up the body lines ahead of the rear wheels and large 20 and 21-inch wheels fill the corners out well.

At the rear is a set of hexagonal exhaust outlets up high just behind the fully exposed V-12 engine that looks remarkably retro underneath all the modern angles and materials. Nearly hidden when closed is an active rear wing that changes depending on drive mode. When open or raised in other positions it can provide downforce needed at its top speed which exceeds 217 mph according to Lamborghini.

The powertrain of course is a work of art. An all-new L545 6.5-liter V12 naturally-aspirated engine sits mid-ship with a unique transverse mounted 8-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission. The engine itself has 835 horsepower and 534 pound-feet of torque.

This is augmented by a 147 horsepower electric motor generator integrated into the transmission at the front. At the front axle there are two additional electric motors with 295 horsepower together which give the Revuelto all-wheel drive and a total system 1028 horsepower. Weighing in at 3900 pounds that gives it a stunning 3.85:1 horsepower to pound ratio. And to that, Lamborghini says it will accelerate from 0-60 in 2.6 seconds.

In driving, the V12 engine powers only the rear wheels, with the electric motor at the rear able to add power. This motor also starts the engine, is the power generator for the lithium-ion battery and with the front electric motors can power the Revuelto on electric power alone.

The two motors at the front can provide torque vectoring for each front wheel for maximum traction but also chassis dynamics for cornering. When in electric mode they can power the Revuelto in front-wheel drive only but the rear electric motor can step in also when needed. The front drive motors also provide regenerative braking power back to the battery.


Its 3.8 kWh lithium ion battery sits in the center tunnel between the two seats and measures 61-inches long, 12-inches high, and 10-inches wide – about the size of a large golf bag. It can be plugged in to a household current and charged in about 30 minutes or can get its charging through regenerative braking and even directly from the V12 engine in just six minutes.

From behind the wheel both driver and passenger will enjoy what has become known as one of the best interiors in the car industry with bespoke materials, colors and now an array of information interfaces that reset the bar for cockpit technology.

Design and layout are just as visually distinctive as its exterior with exposed carbon-fiber here and there. Ahead of the driver is a 12.3” digital cockpit and on the passenger side a slim 9.1” display that keeps your buddy up to speed on what’s happening. At the center of the dash is a tablet format 8.4” vertical touchscreen.

A new steering wheel design has added controls for all of vehicle dynamics and infotainment system commands at your fingertips as well. With over 70 colors to chose from, the cabin is wrapped in a combination of rich leathers and a new ultralight Corsa-Tex fabric in Dinamica microfiber.

If you are one of the target customers of this car you likely already have a handshake with your dealership and know how you’re going to get it already, what it might cost and when you can get it. If you have to ask, you’re probably not a customer for this car.