General Motors shows they are more than passively interested in the future of electric cars today at the Detroit Auto Show with the striking Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept.

Looking remarkably close to a production intent car, the Bolt EV Concept is Chevrolet’s vision of a dedicated electric model with more than 200 miles of range with a purchase price of around $30,000.

You might say, they already have the Chevrolet Spark EV, but the Bolt really plays the game more seriously, taking the experience and knowledge GM has gained from that car as well as the Volt and exploiting it further.


The Bolt EV Concept is compact like the Spark but has more crossover-like proportions. Lightweight materials in its construction include aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and even woven mesh says Chevrolet.

The design is decidedly Chevrolet but with a cheeky way about it. LED lighting all around give the trademark bow-tie DNA a more upscale appeal.

Like most concept cars, the Bolt EV has a light and airy interior with a glass roof and high-tech features to impress. Smartphone enabled controls enable ride-sharing management, including reservations, vehicle location, and even payment processing.

Chevrolet even speaks of a possible automatic park-and-retrieval technology, where you can exit the vehicle and tell it to park itself. When are are ready the car can be summoned to return to your location.

While the Bolt EV is a concept car, Chevrolet touts very production-like features like the fact it can support DC fast charging and that an owner can use their smartphone as a key-fob. Neat huh?

Will Chevrolet build one? One would say they do already in the Spark EV. The Bolt EV Concept however represents what will likely replace that car. And if they can really get to 200 miles of range or either a $30,000 price tag, that will be an accomplishment.