BMW M brought the their BMW Concept M4 GTS to Pebble Beach this year, teasing the enthusiasts on hand with a car just spitting distance a production model due in the not too distant future.

The BMW Concept M4 GTS continues the tradition of performance bred from racing.

This includes a bump in power, a crash diet weigh-loss program and a production car offered in extremely limited numbers that will cost way more than the base line model.

The Concept M4 GTS teases some features that BMW says will come to production cars soon such as water injection for increased power and torque.

In short, a water vapor injected into the intake air cools it down considerably, which allows a more aggressive tune for boost and fuel mixture.

This might mean feeding your car a regular diet of Evian each time you fill the tank with premium unleaded at the gas station if you are a lead foot. But this is the price we pay for high performance.

Also showcased here is organic light-emitting diode or OLED lighting which is the next big trend coming to high-end cars near you.

The technology allows for more design creativity, giving a full-surface of illumination.

In addition to lightweight wheels, the BMW Concept M4 GTS has a manually adjustable front splitter and rear wing made of carbon fiber.

The hood is carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic as well all to reduce weight, which will also come out of your wallet as a result.

It’s a pretty nice looking ride, though we weren’t given much in the way of specs. BMW will tells us more about a production version later. For now, we are on a need to know leash.