Before you begin, be sure your car is parked safely and is turned off. Always be mindful of hot components like radiator hoses, caps and other components nearby.

Replacement of the air filter for the 2018-2021 Subaru Crosstrek and similarly the Subaru Impreza is one of the easiest of many cars because of the location and design of the air filter box.

Located at the front passenger side of the engine compartment, the air filter box is easily accessed without having to remove any components and no tools are necessary.

To remove the old filter, simply release the two clips at the top of the air filter box with your fingers or a screw driver if necessary. Once released tilt the top of the air filter box rearward to give access to the filter element.

You can now pull the old filter element out and replace with a new one.

Inserting a new filter take a little care, being sure not to scrape or damage it as you slide it into place. Note that the top of the filter box is held into place at the bottom with tabs, so be sure it is in proper alignment or it wont close properly.

Once you have the new filter element in place you can snug the filter box top closed and secure it into place with the two metal clips. Finish by inspecting to assure that there are no gaps or pinched edges of the filter showing. You’re done!

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