The air-filter box for the 2022 Ford Maverick with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine is located at the front driver side of the engine compartment.

Before you begin, be sure your car is parked safely and is turned off. Always be mindful of hot components like radiator hoses, caps and other components nearby.

While the air filter element can technically be replaced without tools, I found that loosening the intake air duct and removing a wiring clip makes lifting the filter box lid high enough to get the filter out a lot easier. Doing so also reduces potential to damage either your mass-airflow sensor wiring or your new air filter element.

In such a simple flat nose screw driver can be used to loosen the air-intake hose. It’s not necessary to disconnect it all the way, just loosen it a little to help when it comes time to maneuver the box lid on and off.

More important, use the screwdriver to pop the wiring clip loose on the front of the box cover to free the mass-airflow sensor lead away from the lid. This will give you another needed inch or so of ability to lift the box up.

The air-filter box lid is held in place by two slip tabs on the passenger side and two clips on the driver side. Pop loose the two clips with your hands and you can then begin to work the lid toward the driver side and upward to give you working space to remove the filter element.

Replacing the element is essentially the same process in reverse but does take a bit more effort.

Start by inserting the filter element taking care to make sure it is properly seated in the box and not pinched. The hardest part is getting the slip tabs of the top cover to align and properly seated into their slots as it fits very tight and the intake tube can be a bit stiff to allow maneuvering.

It;s very important to assure both slip tabs are properly seated as the air-box will not seal properly if they aren’t. Once past this step you can then lock the two pop clips down.

Re-seat the rubber intake hose on the box cover and tighten the clamp as the vehicle won’t run well if you don’t. Lastly re-attach the mass-airflow sensor wire clip back to the box.

That’s it you are done!