In our Reality Check segment this week Ford has once again shown they are on the bleeding edge of the light pickup truck market.

As if aluminum bodies and EcoBoost turbocharged engines weren’t enough, Ford announced this week a fully all-electric plastic bodied version of the all new 2015 F-150.

The new F-150 EV comes in rear-wheel drive only and takes a complete charge in about 2 hours using a standard 120V wall outlet.

In an unprecedented move, Ford partnered with long time electric vehicle manufacturer Fisher Price who will co-brand the new F-150 EV with their Power Wheels line.

Standard equipment includes an FM radio with MP3 jack, though its not known whether SYNC or MyFord Touch will be available at launch.

Payload of course will be slightly less than gasoline-powered F-150 models in this first generation, but as the market grows up, we expect to see capabilities evolve as well.

Notable features for the F-150 EV will be drive-by-wire “Power Lock” brakes, and a high-speed
lockout for first time drivers.

Pricing for the new F-150 EV starts at $349.95 and goes on sale at box-box retailers in September. Fleet customers should likely seek them out at Price Costco or Sam’s Club.