Many people don’t know it, but the Lexus RX crossover is the luxury brand’s top selling model. And for 2016 they’ve fortified it with more power, more style, and more efficiency.

Looking specifically at the top of the line 2016 Lexus RX450h Hybrid, it gets a lot more appeal this year, the most powerful and also the most fuel efficient version of the RX you can get.

And this year it gets more of everything. Performance is up, now with 308 combined system horsepower between its 3.5 liter gasoline V6 and its electric motors. And finally the F Sport performance package is available with the Hybrid.

But first, the styling has gotten a complete makeover that takes the RX450h from what might have been a somewhat bland and homely looking vehicle in the showroom – a wallflower, to something you cannot ignore.

The front end gets a sharp and angular new variation of the brand’s Spindle Grille. LED lighting is found everywhere from headlamps and fog lights, to the equally striking new tail lamps out back. And, a look down the side shows new creases and curves that all point your eye to that new floating roof.

An all new interior is much improved over the current RX in design. Vibrant leather trims and a wide variety of new wood veneers are available that richen up the look and feel substantially. And an array of new infotainment technology is here too, but luckily the trademark Lexus control puck that we love still remains.

The chassis is enhanced across the board, but particularly with the F Sport which has an adaptive variable suspension. This can automatically adjust stiffness and response on the fly, and can be adjusted with the console drive mode selector.

Add in the new Lexus Safety System + to the new styling, powertrain enhancements and options – well RX fans are gonna have a lot to look at next time they come to Lexus showrooms. It’s arrival there, is expected very soon.

Final fuel-economy specs or pricing haven’t yet been announced but we expect them to be more than the current Lexus RX450h on both counts. You can count on it.