The 2015 Ford Edge will be at the Chicago Auto Show this week having just been SAE certified the most powerful one ever.

All-new from the ground-up, the 2015 Ford Edge will have the Blue Oval’s new twin-turbocharged 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6 as an option, offering up 315 horsepower and stump yanking 350 lb.-ft. of torque.

This is a 10 horsepower bump over the 2014 Edge Sport which has a naturally aspirated 3.7 liter V6. So it gets more power and loses nearly a third of its engine size in the process. Even better is that its peak torque now lives at 2,750 rpm, much lower in the rev range than before.

The front-wheel-drive Edge Sport gains 1 mpg with an EPA 27 mpg highway rating and the all-wheel-drive version also gaining one to 24 mpg highway. So even with the additional power mpg is slightly improved or equal to the 2014 model.

While evolutionary in styling, the 2015 Ford Edge is all-new from the ground up with entirely fresh sheet-metal all around and a redesigned cabin packed with the latest technologies.

The latest generation of Ford’s SYNC infotainment will host several improvements over the now well disgraced MyFord Touch system of the current Edge, and a new wave of driver-assistance systems will be available for those who want the help to drive and park themselves.

Coming to dealerships this spring, the 2015 Ford Edge starts at $28,100 with the Edge Sport we’ve been talking of starting at $38,100.