At Auto Shanghai, Volvo showed us their new ultra luxury full-sized SUV, the XC90 Excellence. But they also showed a conceptual Lounge Console that raises the stakes.

To be a chauffeur-driven and pampered passenger in China is a huge big deal, so much so that automakers are scrambling to have the most, the latest, and the greatest of comforts to offer them.

Volvo takes this seriously with their conceptual Lounge Console, an accessory which replaces the front passenger seat and offers up double-happy of servitude to a would be rear passenger.

As we watch the CGI animations here it starts to make sense and seem pretty reasonable a toy. But as various features and amenities unfold it almost becomes comical in its pretend world functionality.

We have the thing becoming a wardrobe closet on wheels? With shoes, watches, and jewelry stored at the ready for a would be party or red carpet runway. Really?

How many people get dressed in their car on the way to these things let alone store tens of thousands of dollars of expensive jewelry or accessories in their cars? I mean, really.

The center console has a cooler and crystal service for booze on the go as well. The only thing we’re missing here are restroom facilities for a shower or more.

The reality check here is that in China this is as much a marketing and imagery play as it is any kind of reality. We might be jaded to the cult of marketing in America, but China is the new frontier