In our Reality Check, the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor dominates the highways, but the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV is offering up something new to earn its own badge off-road.

The 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV is now available with an off-road package to go with its four-wheel drive, making it as Chevrolet says, the only fully off-road outfitted body-on-frame special service SUV available.

With the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor as a competitor, Chevrolet is playing up the strength and durability of the Tahoe’s fully boxed ladder frame and solid axle, not to mention its 355 horsepower small-block V8.

The Tahoe PPV 4×4 off-road comes with a special pursuit rated off-road suspension, 3.42 axle and Duratrac off-road tires mounted on 18-inch aluminum wheels.

The package gives it more capability off the pavement than the standard Tahoe PPV with its lower suspension.

Inside the Tahoe PPV is all business with rubber flooring, standard bench seats, a certified 150 mile-per hour speedometer and beefed up electrical system to afford use of all the equipment Johnny Law likes to have on board his ship.

While this new off-road package doesn’t make Tahoe PPV a full brawn off-roader, it does make it more likely you’ll see them out in the bush than the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor.