The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E represents a sea change for the marque in that it has no V8 growl, sprouts two extra doors and is actually billed as an SUV. What you say?

Our test drive takes the pragmatic approach to sticking to the facts and leaving the opinion to another piece and video, measuring the new all-electric crossover SUV on its merits against the wider view of competitors out there.

Our Premium AWD test vehicle had optioned the extended range battery which allows for up to 270 miles on a charge. Two electric motors offer up an impressive 346 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque.

These are numbers you might expect from virtually any other Mustang on the planet but this one does it all with a whisper and not a roar.

With Mustang-like styling comprised of a collection of ready made design cues like three-element tail lights, angled LED headlights, a corral style jaw line and pony logos, it sells the theme well. Its silhouette even gets the shark nose and fastback roofline.

It’s flashy indeed and got lots of looks in our week with it, many asking about it enthusiastically.

Performance from its two electric motors was impressive, netting what Ford says is a 4.8 second 0-60 acceleration time. We didn’t clock it ourselves bit it feels about right. Various drive modes mild to wild have a different feel and energy use finger print.

We liked the fake propulsion sound it emits when you select it. It’s cute.

Handling was one area we weren’t so impressed. With a curb weight of nearly 5,000 pounds Ford had to tune the suspension very stiffly. While that is not in itself a bad thing, the tuning isn’t quite there yet, offering up a bouncy and bobbing ride that says they could have wrung it out a little more.

Steering is vague and brakes are hard to predict in their behavior too.

The interior is a highlight, offering a very futuristic style and design sketch. A large portrait format table screen is center stage with a smaller gun-slit instrument screen ahead of the driver. It’s fresh and modern, a challenge to learn but pleasing to live in. If they can put some more comfortable chairs in this thing it will be perfect.

Priced at $56,200, our tester comes in somewhere in the mid-range of what it will cost to get your own Mustang Mach-E. They can be ordered now online, and are just now starting to show up across the country.