If you live in your Ford Maverick and keep a lot of doodads with you, the center console storage is key for all of the little things. I tend to keep chap stick, hand sanitizer, napkins and all the other little stuff I generally don’t want cluttering up my space. I like my truck to look clean and neat.

The only drawback with the center console box is that if you really have a lot of stuff it can get to be like an old drawer full of stuff you have to dig through. Enter the new two layer center armrest storage tray system from Muslogy that can help bring order and organization to the whole mess.

Muslogy is a brand of automotive accessories primarily found on Amazon, with an online store stocked with items for several cars and a growing line for the Ford Maverick. There are dash dress up kits, storage solutions and more.

Their center console tray system for the 2022-2023 Ford Maverick is custom designed and constructed of a high quality heavy feeling ABS plastic and features rubberized PVC factory style inserts for the bottom trays to keep things from rattling and moving around.

The rubberized tray inserts are available in a number of colors to help tie in with your interior colors, to help compliment the accent colors of the Maverick depending on your trim grade. I got black since I have a base model Maverick XL.

The trays stack together with a tight and precise fit and interlock. You can use either one or both in your center console depending on your storage needs and preferences. They both fit inside the console itself pretty snug either or both, no rattling or moving around.

The top tray is about 1.25-inches deep and features a divider for various small items. There is a rounded section for coins and a set of slots for cards. The divided flat sections have the rubberized liners and are probably good for glasses, a lighter, lip balm or other immediately reached for things.

The lower tray is almost 3-inches deep on its own and has about a 1-inch height inside if you use the top tray stacked with it. It has three divided sections with the aforementioned rubberized liners. With the divider, I see very little moving around from little items kept in there.

With both trays installed the lower section of the center console remains with about 2-inches of storage space height for larger things that might be secondary to you in your daily slog.

Having tried it all out for my own use habits and needs I think I am going to use just the top tray for my most grabbed things I want to get to easily while behind the wheel. That will allow me still a pretty deep storage space for all the other larger stuff below it. That’s the beauty of it, you have options.

For the retail price of $22.99 the price of the Muslogy Console Organizer Trays seems to be fair and the quality level of the pieces certainly lives up to OEM levels if not better than some of the pieces found in the Maverick interior.