At the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this weekend Steve Saleen introduced an all-new and ground-breaking model for his company, the Tesla Model S based Saleen FOURSIXTEEN.

Steve takes the all-electric Tesla Model S and works his trade-mark lifestyle magic by creating a new exterior and interior design and adding track-centric performance modifications.

Generous carbon-fiber body trims, a new front fascia, rear diffuser and rear spoiler all re-invent the aerodynamic properties of the Model S, creating more downforce than before.

The interior of the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN also receives rich custom leather with perforated and Alcantara accents. Genuine carbon fiber dash accents and a new center console with center storage areas and a much needed cup holder.

Performance enhancements are geared toward taking the power that exists and better applying it to the ground through a number of strategic enhancements starting with a quicker 11.39:1 final drive gear ratio.

Better applying the high torque, is a MaxGrip locking differential and a significantly re-mapped traction and stability control software which allows for faster acceleration and power response.

While power output isn’t increased, Saleen FOURSIXTEEN gets a better cooling system for the motor which allows it to provide top power for longer periods of time and more consistently.

Suspension and brakes get Saleen’s traditional makeover to increase cornering abilities as well as chassis responses for both track and every day driving. An adjustable suspension is also available as an option.

The Saleen FOURSIXTEEN is available for order now and starts at $152,000, with only a short 6-8 week delivery time. Check it out now at